Shared Holiday Traditions

The holidays are approaching and it’s a great time to share some of our family traditions. Debby Rose, manager at Country Club Apartments, tells us what she looks forward to on Thanksgiving Day.

“Every year on Thanksgiving Day the men get up early to go deer hunting while the women get up just as early to finish baking and cooking all of the food. My mom is a great cook, she makes everything from scratch; meaning it is all homemade. Growing up, my sister and I would have to sit for what seemed like hours, tearing loaves of bread into small pieces and then chopping celery into even smaller pieces. Once we were done with all the tearing and chopping, mom would add all the other ingredients in, mix it up and then stuff it in the turkey. While the turkey was baking, we would watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as we finish making all the side dishes and desserts. My favorite dessert is the Turtle Cake; there’s nothing better than chocolate, caramel and pecans!

Once the hunters make it back, which is usually around 1pm, everyone is ready to eat! The table is set, the food is out and desserts are waiting. But first, my Mom has to get a picture of the two youngest kids with the turkey leg! She says, “Don’t eat it, just pretend like you are eating it.” Once the picture has been taken, it’s time to eat!”